Montessori and Waldorf-inspired Wooden Toy Set

My brother-in-law follows the Steiner teaching principals in his New Zealand classrooms. While the wife and I don’t always agree on everything the Waldorf schools espouse (seriously, vaccinate your kids), we do love the idea of natural, hands-on toys that emphasize creativity and learning over commercial materialism and mainstream gender roles. HouseMountainNatural, who we discovered on Etsy earlier this week, has a number of all-natural, hand-made toys that foster exactly that kind of learning.

You can see what they have to say about themselves, below …

Our all natural babies first toys complete set will keep your baby busy at quiet play for many years. A classic educational and fun first games created for little hands, perfect for developing fine motor skills. Set includes all the items shown in photos. The stacking toy will help your little one learn the difference between small, medium and large as well as size matching skills. The egg and cup make the perfect first puzzle. The first teething set is light weight and just the right size and shape for baby to grasp with both hands. Our rattle will encourage your baby to explore sound, by discovering how to make it and observe how its made … Our all natural wood toys are inspired by Montessori & Waldorf teaching principles. They are hand rubbed with our own blend of organic olive oil and local organic beeswax to lightly seal the wood. Your gift set will arrive in a sturdy drawstring cotton bags with gift tag includes full details description. As read above.

… and head on over to their online Etsy store to see all their lovely, hand-made, sustainably sourced toys for your Team Green baby. Enjoy!


Available at: HouseMountainNatural, on Etsy.


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