Apple Juice is Just as Bad as Cola for Your Kids

I might be well into my thirties, but I absolutely love apple juice, and it was a key part of my “quit drinking cola” resolution last year … unfortunately, an article over at my favorite food blog just posted some bad news for me: apple juice actually has more sugar per serving than the same amount of Coca-Cola.

My first reaction was to say “well, yeah- but, vitamins”, but Becky has me covered there. Most commercial apple juices have only 4% of your daily dose of vitamin C, which is a negligible benefit in the face the of the 120-odd grams of sugar in each cup of apple juice.

That’s not to say that all juices are bad for baby, however- it’s just that most “clear” fruit juices do away with the fiber and vitamins that are naturally found in fruits, leaving only the sugar and (some of) the flavor behind. Don’t take my word for it, though, read what the experts at Eat Drink Better have to say about the commercial apple juice vs. Coca-Cola issue and let us know what you think in the comments, below.


Source | Photos: Eat Drink Better.


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